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Mary-Anne Hunter

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Q: Does semi permanent make up hurt?

A: As with everything people have different pain thresholds however with over 14 years experience this is what I can tell you is pretty normal. Eyebrows are very easy and don’t hurt, often less than having them plucked.Lips are pretty easy too but a full lip colour can cause some discomfort after the procedure; We have special instructions for you to follow to help minimise this.Eyeliners - because of the area being treated often fear can can come into play, part of our jobs as technicians is to ensure you feel secure and confident with us, you are trusting us to tattoo close to the eye and the more relaxed you can be the easier and less painful it is.

I have learnt many techniques over the years which allow a very positive experience for our clients and I share with this knowledge my other technicians to ensure all procedures are as pain free as possible.

Never get any Permanent Make Up treatment done when you are very ill or have your period as resistance is lowered, it is also a good idea to be well fed and well rested prior to any such treatment, a good technician knows her job!

Q: What are the benefits of semi permanent make up?

A: Even though I could wax lyrical for hours  I don’t want to bore you so here’s just a few of them!

Benefit: Semi-permanent make-up re-introduces colour and definition, reversing the appearance of aging by drawing attention to the newly defined beauty of eyes, eyebrows and lips, whilst simultaneously drawing attention away from and minimising the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and brown spots.

Benefit: One of the best and coolest aspects of semi-permanent make-up is that whilst it fades and would disappear over time it doesn’t wash off, doesn’t have to be re-applied every day and no matter what you’re doing you continue to look your best with professionally applied natural looking eyebrows, fuller more defined lips and eyes that are enhanced and don’t smudge.

Benefit: Semi-permanent make-up is a fantastic way of empowering us with the confidence of knowing we look pretty good all the time. An enhancement such as beautifully shaped natural hair-stroke brows, perfectly applied eyeliner or a blush of colour on the lips, adds prettiness, structure and youthfulness to the face, this then becomes you!

Q: Is semi permanent make up like a tattoo?

A: It is similar to a tattoo in so far as pigments are implanted into the skin with needles however there are some big differences too: Pigments are different and are specially formulated for cosmetic effect and are  implanted in the upper layer of the dermis so that as the skin naturally sloughs off the enhancement gradually fades. This is a very important factor as any permanent enhancement on the face would date, show age and change colour over time. Whereas with semi permanent makeup over the years a technician can change the colour and shape to ensure you look your best no matter how old you are. Our eldest client is currently a beautiful 86 years young and is a great example on how to look great at any age!!

Q: How long does a semi permanent make up procedure take?

A: We like to leave around 2 hours, this gives lots of time to agree shape and colour but you will be advised during your consultation.

Q: Do I need a semi permanent make up consultation?

A: Telephone consultations is normally adequate, however with clients that are particularly nervous or who would need a patch test a one-to-one consultation is recommended and we offer free of charge.

Q: Can I still have an MRI scan with semi permanent make up?

A: Absolutely, numerous studies have shown that even people who have undertaken large body tattoo procedures have little or no potential for irritation from an MRI

F.A.Q. answered by Semi permanent make up East Sussex


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